Kwik-Clean Glass Cleaner 16 oz Spray Bottle

No. 25KC
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No need to mix or dilute. After you have completed soldering one or both sides of your project, spray on Kwik-Clean. Typically, with a paper towel clean project thouroughly. You may use the same paper towel or a clean one to apply the patina. Mixing the Kwik-Clean with the Patina gives added cleaning of the flux and a finer tone on the patina. After Patina is applied, clean again with Kwik-Clean. Polish as you normally would.

Handy hint: For problem climates where White Mold is rampant. Steel wool after the first Kwik-Clean and before the Patina assures a finer clean of flux from under the foil. Then apply your patina and clean again with Kwik-Clean.

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